DAY 3 and 4 - I think this will be a better day.

After spending a Saturday with no light and a rainy Sunday, I woke up today and it's raining even are 9am and everyone is eating breakfast, I've only been sleeping on the couch.

Hooo I forgot to tell you know that the strange sounds were heard? hmm is the story of the night. I'm Breakfast.

Day 2

Well, I have much to write, from 4pm we are without power, the storm this again and I'm working with my laptop battery, so will try to sleep for today and tomorrow will tell you how was my day.

Day 1

Yesterday I commented that I slept in a chair I found, but they were two armchairs that conforms to sleep , the room had a small TV and two chairs , which was the best place I have to rest.

I admit I did not sleep well , the heat was unbearable 93F , but with the help of a fan I found it , I felt I was able to spend the night. Some strange noises that I have not identified , but I promise more research if you listen again.

For breakfast , rice , beans, bread and a cup of coffee. the day is spent reading newspapers , helping to clean the place and listening to the thousands of stories that all grandparents have to tell. I was military, my husband took him the military, I met the President in 1945 , and thousands more .

It's strange to be here , is completely another world, and it's time for lunch. Rice again now with some red sauce and a small pedaso chicken , of course, accompanied by tortillas made here and water.

In the afternoon, the rain starts to fall , is so strong that it looks like a tornado, but everyone tells me it's normal. actually spend the afternoon watching the window and talking to the people who work here, they get paid around $ 200 a month for work here and I think they do with love , they know the name of each of the people and tastes, tell me they are like little children who can be happy one moment and then be fighting each other .

night comes, there is nothing more than sweet bread and coffee, and the lady tells me it's because otherwise they will hurt the stomach and not be able to sleep, so accept my dinner and I come to write.

I really did not find anything to do, tomorrow will try to do something productive that can benefit people who are here.

I remind you that I'm trying to get support to buy beds in case we want to help you can donate the amount you want in the paypal section of this right.

Greetings and happy night.

A Bed for my Grandfather

I have visited several places in Guatemala and in most there are people in need of at least a place to sleep, which is why this is the title of today. A BED FOR MY GRANDFATHER.

I search? I am in Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa in the Casa Hogar Jesus of Mercy and from here I will write in these 30 days. A had been forgotten, which is what am looking for? Seeking to each of the 15 elderly people who live here, have a nice bed to rest, I have seen that most sleeping in beds someone gift them over 25 years ago and have gone through it many people have an unpleasant odor and lying as she is lying on a bed of stones, feel all the springs in the back and is not comfortable.

I know in my previous campaign did not collect what we would have liked, but if I only collect for ONE, I'll be happy to have helped.

Thanks to all.

Thanks Friends

Hello Friends,

I want to thank you all for the donations that we have done, is that I've been a bit quiet but believe me when I say that burning status we have a lot of work. 

The video that we posted was done thanks to a group of filmmakers Guatemalans that we donated this material to disseminate a better message. It is in Spanish but i think that the images are obvious. 


How to make more people know about ?

I believe that the real reason for this blog, it is not raising funds through grants (a donation is always good), nor create pity and although I think that I had already said, the reason for this blog is to create awareness of the situation that we live after some years.

If we were good parents or if we're bad children, that who cares, what is important today is that those people are in need of help from someone.

If I give myself, if you pledge your or if you'll have to come to someone else, that it does not matter, they only know that they need help from someone.

Today treatment that most people look at the blog, look at the situation that they are going through, think about the sentence that said, everything we do today what we paid tomorrow. (Karma)

If for some reason you get to here, don't believe that it was a coincidence, everything in life has a reason and perhaps your reason is know this cause. 

Thank you for spreading the message.

You want to help us ?

Hi again, stop writing some days because we were in the Nursing Home helping that everything would be fine.

Thanks to the people that have sent me emails asking me questions about the association, if you are legally registered, if your documentation is updated, how many years has to be working, etc.

We are an association of aid to communities, legally constituted in Guatemala in 2004 and since that year we have been able to help the people in many different events which have happened in this country. The association receives no support from any entity and that is why we request cooperation through friends and people that in these years have joined this charitable cause.

On this occasion, we have focused our efforts at home for the Elderly JESUS OF THE MERCY which was founded in the year 2003, and by the needs you have the we are inviting to be part of this work, the home requires a lot of help, if you are begging in their possibilities provided us with the necessary assistance in order to be able to serve in a dignified manner to our elders who both need us.

Clothes, diapers, bedding, sheets, hygiene items, anything wishing to donate will be well received. Little by little we will be including in the blog the biography of each of the people who live in the home for all we can know and be able to somehow collaborate directly with Grandpa who wish to sponsor. 

Brothers in aid, because when you need a help, you ask a brother.

Attached some pictures so we know the conditions where these people live and what prompted us to help this cause.