How to make more people know about ?

I believe that the real reason for this blog, it is not raising funds through grants (a donation is always good), nor create pity and although I think that I had already said, the reason for this blog is to create awareness of the situation that we live after some years.

If we were good parents or if we're bad children, that who cares, what is important today is that those people are in need of help from someone.

If I give myself, if you pledge your or if you'll have to come to someone else, that it does not matter, they only know that they need help from someone.

Today treatment that most people look at the blog, look at the situation that they are going through, think about the sentence that said, everything we do today what we paid tomorrow. (Karma)

If for some reason you get to here, don't believe that it was a coincidence, everything in life has a reason and perhaps your reason is know this cause. 

Thank you for spreading the message.

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