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Hi all, maybe my English is not very good, but tell me, in a country like this, at that time you could study another language, if there are people who die daily because no tubieron to eat.

 And do not speak of places my beautiful Guatemala type A, no, those places are very beautiful and there are many tourists. I'm talking about communities located just a few miles of urban where due to lack of development, conditions of climate or pest affecting their crops, are today, at this hour, dying from hunger.

 But you not only speak of these places, these people, also speak you of forgotten elderly in a nursing home, for people affected by the earthquake of 2012 and still suffering from the loss of all their things. I think that it is time to give us a hand, help each other and that is the purpose of this blog, week-to-week will be, a group of friends, entrepreneurs, brothers visiting these sites in order to provide a little help which I want to share with you.

 Already them dige, my English is not very good, but is that my experiences will be good to be able to teach my son that if we all help, everyone will achieve out of poverty.

 Thanks for following me Manny Bran.

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