A Bed for my Grandfather

I have visited several places in Guatemala and in most there are people in need of at least a place to sleep, which is why this is the title of today. A BED FOR MY GRANDFATHER.

I search? I am in Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa in the Casa Hogar Jesus of Mercy and from here I will write in these 30 days. A had been forgotten, which is what am looking for? Seeking to each of the 15 elderly people who live here, have a nice bed to rest, I have seen that most sleeping in beds someone gift them over 25 years ago and have gone through it many people have an unpleasant odor and lying as she is lying on a bed of stones, feel all the springs in the back and is not comfortable.

I know in my previous campaign did not collect what we would have liked, but if I only collect for ONE, I'll be happy to have helped.

Thanks to all.

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