Day 1

Yesterday I commented that I slept in a chair I found, but they were two armchairs that conforms to sleep , the room had a small TV and two chairs , which was the best place I have to rest.

I admit I did not sleep well , the heat was unbearable 93F , but with the help of a fan I found it , I felt I was able to spend the night. Some strange noises that I have not identified , but I promise more research if you listen again.

For breakfast , rice , beans, bread and a cup of coffee. the day is spent reading newspapers , helping to clean the place and listening to the thousands of stories that all grandparents have to tell. I was military, my husband took him the military, I met the President in 1945 , and thousands more .

It's strange to be here , is completely another world, and it's time for lunch. Rice again now with some red sauce and a small pedaso chicken , of course, accompanied by tortillas made here and water.

In the afternoon, the rain starts to fall , is so strong that it looks like a tornado, but everyone tells me it's normal. actually spend the afternoon watching the window and talking to the people who work here, they get paid around $ 200 a month for work here and I think they do with love , they know the name of each of the people and tastes, tell me they are like little children who can be happy one moment and then be fighting each other .

night comes, there is nothing more than sweet bread and coffee, and the lady tells me it's because otherwise they will hurt the stomach and not be able to sleep, so accept my dinner and I come to write.

I really did not find anything to do, tomorrow will try to do something productive that can benefit people who are here.

I remind you that I'm trying to get support to buy beds in case we want to help you can donate the amount you want in the paypal section of this right.

Greetings and happy night.

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