You want to help us ?

Hi again, stop writing some days because we were in the Nursing Home helping that everything would be fine.

Thanks to the people that have sent me emails asking me questions about the association, if you are legally registered, if your documentation is updated, how many years has to be working, etc.

We are an association of aid to communities, legally constituted in Guatemala in 2004 and since that year we have been able to help the people in many different events which have happened in this country. The association receives no support from any entity and that is why we request cooperation through friends and people that in these years have joined this charitable cause.

On this occasion, we have focused our efforts at home for the Elderly JESUS OF THE MERCY which was founded in the year 2003, and by the needs you have the we are inviting to be part of this work, the home requires a lot of help, if you are begging in their possibilities provided us with the necessary assistance in order to be able to serve in a dignified manner to our elders who both need us.

Clothes, diapers, bedding, sheets, hygiene items, anything wishing to donate will be well received. Little by little we will be including in the blog the biography of each of the people who live in the home for all we can know and be able to somehow collaborate directly with Grandpa who wish to sponsor. 

Brothers in aid, because when you need a help, you ask a brother.

Attached some pictures so we know the conditions where these people live and what prompted us to help this cause.

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