Why my email is S21 ??

Hello again from first i would like to thank the 15 people that read my blog, I can assure you that was a surprise that my experiences have come to these people. Thank you very much.

Some have asked me because my mail is S21, i want to tell you which is the acronym of Psalm 21 from the Bible that says ... GLORY TO GOD FOR HAVING OVERCOME THE ENEMY. And as for me, the enemy refers to poverty, hunger, malnutrition and to all the evils of affecting the world. I would like to thank God because some day with the help of all is that we will defeat them. 

Today I am visiting a nursing home, located 56 miles from the capital of Guatemala, in this seekers live around 20 elderly, who do not receive assistance from any organization and that is why I am here, to be able to give them some food, disposable diapers and other things for your personal hygiene. 

Within a few days be uploading photographs, to see how happy it is to visit these people and know that they feel very good that you are here. 

Until the next 

Thanks for following. 

Manny Bran

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